Parents for Charter Schools

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The Parents for Charter Schools network was created to organize, mobilize and train charter school parents from across the state with the purpose of developing parent leaders, spokespersons and advocates for the charter school movement.

The program supports families by linking them together with other charter parents to present a powerful 'voice' to state legislators and the media.


They accomplish this by partnering with the Ohio Coalition for Quality Education to develop a strategy around ramping up parent engagement that activates parents to meaningful parent actions in their local charter school.


This endeavor is supported by facilitating Parent Leadership Training designed to develop and empower charter parent leaders to take ownership in the success of quality charter public schools by:

  • Serving as a link between families and schools to develop a strong parent core in their charter school


  • Equipping parents with advocacy skills to promote meaningful parent involvement in their schools


  • Educating parents on the power of sharing their school choice personal experiences


  • Equipping charter parents with the right information about charter schools so that they can have conversations with their friends, family and community as an advocate for charter schools


  • Connecting parents and decision makers to engage in meaningful conversations to influence their support of high quality charter schools